How to stop masturbation

How to stop masturbation

Hello guys, as per reviews of my last article http://( and suggestions I m going to write on how to stop masturbation,its seems similar to nightfall if we consider loss but guys masturbation is very dangerous it will kill you from head to bottom it will suck all your divine energy(semen)  form body and makes you dead soul.

The amount of semen loss is more in the case of masturbation compare to nightfall.but you no needs to worry I will give you an exact solution after following each and every step I am damn sure you will get rid of masturbation .



The Evil Effects of Masturbation



Such bad habits divest the youth of their power to retain the vital energy, leading them fast towards impotency. Their eyes become weak and lustreless, while their face is devoid of radiance. A little strenuous work makes them weary. A kind of darkness envelopes one’s vision and excessive weakness causes dizzy-spells. The will-power is weakened as well.

The youth who observes self-restraint during the age of 17 to 24 years, develops a strong willpower and a keen intellect. He is able to maintain his energy, vigor and zest for the rest of his life.

However, the youth who wastes his seminal energy even before reaching the age of 20, becomes disheartened and demoralized, and his intellect is stunted for the rest of his life.I would like the youth to learn some proven techniques of preserving this vital fluid. The ordinary aids for the observance of brahmacharya like fasting, diet-control, etc. give only temporary benefits, as has been proved through extensive research studies.

Now Comes to the main point

how to stop masturbation


If one has the bad habit of masturbating or suffers from wet dreams, and is indeed serious about getting rid of the problem and seriously searching to know the answer which always stuck in his mind” how to stop masturbation then he must first get rid of the very idea that he has this evil habit or problem at all.

One should one be unduly worried about whether or not he will be able to regain his health. It is better for him to think positively and be confident of his ability to overcome such evils.

Always Remain Cheerful

Let bygones are bygones. You only aggravate a disease by brooding over it. Let no weak thoughts enter your mind. Be always of good cheer. No need to worried about the sexual energy wasted in the past. Rather, gird up your loins to make sincere efforts towards preserving your seminal energy from now onwards.

Remember, the seminal energy is not to be suppressed, but to be sublimated. Generally, people fail to utilize the seminal energy properly. Hence, we shall discuss a few efficacious measures to sublimate this energy.

Simple Living

The majority of people suffer from the delusion that they will gain a special and covetous status by leading a pompous and glamorous life. In reality, this is far from the truth. Actually, this only helps them display their inflated ego. One should abstain from wearing red color fashionable clothes, silks, etc., and also from using stimulating perfumes and scents.

The more luxurious life one leads, the more the senses are stimulated, and consequently preservation of seminal energy becomes a distant dream.  A cursory glance through history shows that truly great personages led a simple and unostentatious life right from an early age. Simple living is a sign of true greatness. Don’t just blindly ape the unnatural and materialistic lifestyle of other people.

Seek Satsang

If one doesn’t seek Satsang, he will certainly fall into kusanga (bad company). Therefore, always seek Satsang and practice its precepts in thought, word and deed. Whenever an evil thought enters the mind, be alert and leave that place immediately. Go to some sÍttvik environment where you can meet a virtuous friend or saint.

Their pious company will destroy the evil thoughts and purify your mind and body. If you don’t do this, then sexual thoughts will certainly pull you down, because as you think, so do you act. Sooner or later your lascivious thoughts will lead you to base acts. It is futile to lament after the fall.

Their pious company will destroy the evil thoughts and purify your mind and body. If you don’t do this, then sexual thoughts will certainly pull you down, because as you think, so do you act. Sooner or later your lascivious thoughts will lead you to base acts. It is futile to lament after the fall.

A vow is a great help to stop masturbation

A vow of celibacy will give you sure protection against temptation. It is a strong weapon to attack lust. If you do not take a vow of celibacy, the mind will tempt you at any moment.

If you are weak, take a vow of celibacy for a month and then extend it to three months. You will gain some strength now. You will be able to prolong the period to six months. Gradually you will be able to extend the vow to one or two or three years. Sleep separately and do vigorous Japa, Kirtan and meditation daily. You will hate lust now. You will experience freedom and indescribable joy.

Will culture and auto-suggestion


Sit alone in your meditation room. Close your eyes. Slowly repeat again and again the following sadhana. Let the mind dwell on the significance of the sadhana also. Saturate the mind and intellect with these ideas. Your whole system—flesh, blood, bones, nerves, and cells—should powerfully vibrate with the following ideas:


I am all-purity, Suddhoham
Sexless Atman I am
There is neither lust nor sexual Vasana in Atman
Lust is mental Vikara; I am a Sakshi of this Vikara
I am Asanga
My will is pure, strong and irresistible
I am fully established in mental and physical Brahmacharya
I am feeling the purity now

Om Om Om

Entertain the Mother Bhava Towards Females

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to say, “Whenever you come across a beautiful woman, try to visualize Ma Jagadamba (the ‘Divine Mother’) in her and contemplate, ‘She must be a manifestation of Ma Jagadamba, that is why she is so beautiful. She is the Divine Mother blessing me with Her darshan.’

By entertaining such a Bhava, mentally bow to Her with reverence. This will keep your passion subdued.”‘Consider all women outside your family as your mother and the wealth of others as a mere lump of soil.’

Change the Drishti or angle of vision

You should entertain the Mother-Bhav or Isvara-Bhav or Atma-Bhav towards females.

Women also should entertain Pitha-Bhav or Isvara-Bhav or Atma-Bhav towards males.


Read Spiritual Literature

As one reads, so does his mind think. And it is verily one’s thoughts that primarily regulate one’s actions. Those who are in the habit of reading novels and stories that are filled with pornography and stir up passion and lust, cannot make any real progress in life. Their mind is ever engrossed in base lustful thoughts, and therefore they fail to preserve the seminal energy.

Dirty literature excites the lower instincts. some depraved individuals arrange private shows wherein they show pornographic films. Such people not only destroy their own lives, but also the lives of those who come into contact with them. Such people are doing a grave injustice to women, young girls and adolescent children. Severe punishment in terrible hells awaits those who watch or show such vulgar films.


that’s all folks follows the above steps  and your question “how to stop masturbation ” will solve.

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